Holly Ridge E-Watch

The Holly Ridge Police Department has started a new Community Policing Program called “Holly Ridge E-Watch.” This program will allow us to communicate with homeowners, property owners and business owners by using email. The goal of Holly Ridge E-Watch is to utilize email to communicate with residents about issues concerning their neighborhoods or the Town of Holly Ridge as a whole.

Residents and Businesses will benefit from this program by receiving timely emails regarding issues that are a concern of the town. Also, participants involved in this program could be additional eyes and ears for the Police Department. For example, if a resident has someone breaking into vehicles in their neighborhood, the Police Department can send out an email to nearby residents. Additionally, email notifications can be sent to businesses if there is a problem with patrons writing bad checks, committing fraud or other crimes that affect businesses. We will add you to our division group email list.

Your participation in this program will help us strengthen our relationship with the community, reduce crime, and improve the quality of life for the citizens throughout the Town of Holly Ridge.

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